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Our company issues all kinds of designs, certificates, building legalizations etc.

Building Permits - Planning Permissions
Our company has experienced engineers (architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, rural and surveying engineers) who are able to design and make all necessary procedures in order to issue building permits and adjustment of land certificates in Crete. Designs are made for any kind of construction, usage and complexity.

Energy Performance Certificates
The energy performance certificate is necessary for every rental or sale of property. EPC is also necessary in order to be able to connect to the electricity supply in new-builds, while it is also necessary in case your property is financed through the programme “Home Energy savings ” or in the case of being financed through a green loan. EPC are also used in order to reduce the fine for unauthorized building works and uses combined with building energy upgrade. Our company works with certified engineers who can undertake the issuance of the Energy Performance Certificate of your property.

Certification Of Electrical Installations - PPC Certificates
Our company offers inspection services, control and certification of electrical installations services (residences, business premises and industrial plants) according to the legislation in force, ELOT standard HD 384 and other relevant standards. In this framework, our Company undertakes the initial inspection, the electrical installation testing and to issue the necessary certificates for electricity supply by PPC (declaration of the electrician - installer, completion report, inspection protocol, Electrical Installation design. It also undertakes the electrical installation’s re-inspection which frequency should comply with the relevant legislation and the issuance of the corresponding certificates.

Legalization Of Ilegal Constructions And Uses
Illegal is every construction built without the necessary building permit or has exceeded the building coverage of the permit. Illegal is also the unauthorized change of use or different partition. We undertake the legalization of arbitrary structures and uses according to the law in force. We can also suggest solutions for the reduction of fines up to 50% through building energy or static upgrade of your building.

Static Evaluation Of Buildings
In some cases the static evaluation design for a building is necessary. For example, it is important to evaluate static adequacy of a building after the change of use or after storey adding. With the static evaluation we can control if the building can bear the storey adding or if reinforcement is required. The control is carried out in accordance with the Structural Interventions Code (KAN.EPE.).

Fire Safety Certifications
Our company undertakes the designs for conformity to the fire safety requirements (fire safety) and processing them to the Fire Department for all kinds of business premises (industry, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes etc), regardless the size of the building or the complexity of the fire detection and extinguishing system.



You have imagined how the house of your dreams will be like and you want to have an initial estimation of the construction cost. You can send us your personal details (name, surname, telephone number, email address), information about the land, the kind of residence and facilities you wish to have. Our team will review the data and give you an indicative offer!



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