Insulations, Building Repairs

In addition to the construction of new buildings, our company undertakes any kind of repairs and insulation (water proofing and thermal insulation, advanced insulation) in existing buildings.

Roof Insulation
The most problems in a building are caused by failures on rooftops. In order to solve these problems and to protect the buildings from weather conditions, the roofs are insulated and water proofing. In that way, energy save and elimination of existing or new damp problems in the building is achieved.

First the plate is covered with bitumen. Then bitumen sheets with roofing gravel are placed giving to the ground the necessary slopes while the final layer is made with tiles and special stucco.

Thermal Insulation
Thermal insulation is the result of our need for more thermal comfort in our homes all year round. It is applied in the building envelope (masonry, ceilings, basements, pilotis etc.).

Apart from the thermal comfort, insulation offers economic benefits and longer lifetime to the building as it protects it from the weather conditions and pollution.

On the walls, a layer of insulation material is fixed to the outer side then it is covered with cladding. With thermal insulation we can have uniform temperatures of 21o C inside the house, ensuring a healthy environment and avoiding infections developed by viruses due to temperature differences. Apart from the masonry and in order to achieve the best thermal insulation, we put certified window frames with energy-efficient glazing and thermal barrier made by Elvial.

Advanced Insulations (Basement Walls, Swimming Pools, Tanks)
Elements that are in contact with the ground or with water (e.g. foundations, basement walls, swimming pools, water tanks) need waterproofing. In each case, waterproofing is made with different materials. Most common used materials are: asphalt, bituminous membranes with gravel, cementitious materials, thick naylon and egg crate foam. In case tiles are placed, it is necessary to use a special stucco which is not destroyed by water. By eliminating moisture, we improve the quality of life of the residents. It is known that a moist environment causes various health problems in the respiratory system and in human joints.

Building Repairs
Buildings often present failures on rooftops and on the building envelope. Concrete buildings have mainly problems on the balconies and the corner columns, the most exposed surfaces. These failures are caused due to the so called “carburizing” of concrete. Restoration takes place after all dilapidated layers of the wall and the corrosion of the reinforcing steel are moved and restored with certified materials.



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