Prefabricated Steel Houses Greece

Dias Galerakis Construction A.E company is active in the construction sector, undertaking studies and constructions of various projects in the last 20 years. The company specializes in building projects (houses, office buildings, commercial buildings) using the innovative system of steel space frame, Dias Soft , which after a request from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, was presented in national and international conferences (Innsbruck 2011, Volos 2011) receiving the best reviews. These constructions exceed others in the field of bearing capacity under static seismic loads.

Indicative projects made with steel space frame are: the Eiffel Tower, Cranes, Stadium roofs, the Beijing Olympic Stadium and the biggest Dam of Europe located in the Netherlands, in the village of Maeslankering.

Description Of The Frame Masonry
The frame consists of hollow sections, the cross-section of which is defined by the structural design and depends on the requirements of the project (number of floors, loads, use, location and ground). For two-storey buildings, hollow sections 100x50x3 are generally used. The filling of masonry is made with expanded polystyrene insulation, which is absolute safe for the health. Only certified materials are used.

Main Advantages Of Steel Space Frames
1) Good anti-seismic performance due to the statically indeterminate structures.
2) Design flexibility.
3) No contributions to IKA (Social Security Organization) for frame – masonry works.
4) Shorter construction times.
5)Increased thermal insulation which saves heating and cooling costs, creating a healthy environment by keeping the temperature inside the building at 21o C all the time.
6) Ideal for story additions due to constructions low self-weight .
7)More usable floor area due to thinner external walls.
8) This building combined with automatic control systems for heating and electrical installations may be classified in Category A+ for minimal energy consumption – Green House.

The innovative construction of steel space frame is very resistant to earthquakes, affordable, hygienic and durable and therefore ideal to be the house of your dreams.



You have imagined how the house of your dreams will be like and you want to have an initial estimation of the construction cost. You can send us your personal details (name, surname, telephone number, email address), information about the land, the kind of residence and facilities you wish to have. Our team will review the data and give you an indicative offer!



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